KinRe (Kinetic Relaxation) Mind and Body Wellness Fusion
Your body and mind, physical and emotional or mental health, work together in a mind-body connection that is dependent upon our chemistry and biology and influences our thoughts, mood and emotions. Together they play a major role in influencing our stress levels and physical health.
Constant worry and stress over jobs, finances and other problems can manifest itself in tense muscles, pain, headaches and stomach problems that affect one’s general outlook and physical capabilities. The stress can also lead to high blood pressure or other serious problems.
Conversely constant pain or a chronic health problem such as heart disease can affect your emotions resulting in depression, anxiety and stress. The fusion of mind and body wellness can have a beneficial effect upon your ability to manage and cope with daily life as well as how well you respond to illness. Having a positive outlook on life might help you better handle pain or stress and stay healthier than someone who is less hopeful.
Mental wellness is a prerequisite for a healthy life. Together with Psychologists, KinRe complements the services of the medical teams to ensure a well-rounded approach to healthy living.
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